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06/27/18 WBUR

Why Boston Medical Center Is Investing In Housing

06/26/17 Taunton Gazette Baker, Markey Lead Bipartisan Resistance to Senate Healthcare Bill
06/23/17 Press Release COBTH Statement on Senate Health Reform Proposal
03/16/17 Press Release COBTH Statement on Proposed Cuts to NIH Budget
01/31/17 Press Release Healthcare Provider, Consumer, and Business Coalition Promotes Access and Equity for Patients Through Telemedicine
01/31/17 COBTH Statement Statement of COBTH Hospital Leaders on President Trump's Executive Order on Immigration
01/06/17 Boston Business Journal Keeping America First in Medical Research
12/01/16 Boston Globe Activists Urge Warren to Support Health Care Bill
08/19/16 WBUR Opinion: Boston Teaching Hospitals are Taking First Steps Toward More Collaboration
07/26/16 COBTH Press Release Conference of Boston Teaching Hospitals Opposes Marijuana Legalization Ballot Question
07/20/16 State House News House Approved Tax Violates "Social Compact" Mass Non-Profits Say
12/14/15 Boston Globe Doctors in Training Gain Access to Prescription Database
08/14/15 Boston Business Journal Olympics Aside - Boston is Already World Class
06/17/15 Boston Herald Web Portal to Connect Life Sciences Companies to Massachusetts Medical Centers
06/16/15 Boston Business Journal Wanted: Foreign Life Science Firms to Partners with Local Hospitals
06/16/15 Boston Globe Hospitals to Launch Web Portal to Build Alliances with Industry
02/13/15 Boston Business Journal Mass. Telemedicine Laws Should Reflect New Reality
01/27/15 Boston Business Journal Hospital security: Are present plans enough?
01/21/15 WBUR In Wake Of Brigham And Women’s Shooting, A Look At Area Hospitals’ Safety Protocols
01/21/15 Boston Globe Surgeon Slain, Gunman Found Dead in Day of Crisis at Brigham
10/30/14 COBTH Press Release Statement of John Fernandez, Chair of the Conference of Boston Teaching Hospitals on the Death of Former Mayor Thomas Menino
10/03/14 Boston Business Journal Conference of Boston Teaching Hospitals Supports Sick Leave Ballot
10/02/14 COBTH Press Release COBTH Announces Support for Question 4 - a Public Health Issue
08/20/14 Metro Boston Boston Ebola Preparations Continue Despite Low Risk of Local Outbreak
08/20/14 What if Ebola Made it to Boston? Health Officials Launch Awareness Campaign
07/09/14 Boston Business Journal Conference of Boston Teaching Hospitals Director Gives Perspective on Health Care Evolution
March 2014 Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery and Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy It Takes a Team - The 2013 Boston Marathon - Preparing for and Recovering from a Mass-Casualty Event